• Pristiq – Riesling

A light Riesling with oaky undertones goes great with your numbing existential dread and beautifully compliments the dry mouth side effects of Pristiq.


  • Prozac – Pinot Grigio

This wine really brings out the bitter taste of the handfuls of dry pills you power thrust down your throat daily, and will get you so inebriated that you won’t even remember that you’re inevitably going to die sad and alone.



  • Lexapro – Chardonnay

Some wine experts even suggest crushing your Lexapro while stirring it into a heavy Chardonnay for a stronger drink so that you can’t taste the tears that fall into your glass.


  • Celexa – Merlot

This pairing, also referred to by connoisseurs as “The Shame Spiral”, is a classic — perfect for washing down your crippling sadness.


  • Luvox – Sparkling wine

Perfect for our classy folk out there who want to ‘ugly cry’ at a bar but still look and feel fabulous doing it.


  • Cymbalta – Zinfandel

This pairing is for our more seasoned drinkers, and helps you get over the fact that you can no longer distinguish your real personality from the drug-induced haze you’ve become accustomed to.


  • Zoloft – Absinthe

You’re gonna need some more heavy duty alcohol to deal with the shit storm that is Zoloft; good luck.