14996384_10155453183408275_1714108634_nWashington D.C.– Following his shocking upset victory over Hillary Clinton, President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his first act in office will be overseeing the construction of a bigger, more tremendous glass ceiling over the entire country.

Speaking to campaign donors from the Trump Tower lobby in New York, Trump unveiled his plans for the ceiling, which will hover two miles above the nation and feature a neon “TRUMP” logo large enough to be seen from the ground.

“This is going to be the best ceiling we’ve ever had, believe me,” Trump said, explaining that the ceiling is designed to “Make America Dry Again” and also defeat ISIS. “We have the best people working on this project, and it’s going to be amazing.”

Conservative voters have applauded the move as long overdue.

“Under our current so-called president, we were totally unprotected from ISIS-affiliated rain storms, not to mention anyone who can jump really really high,” said Trump supporter Jeff Moore. “These are the kinds of issues that Trump is clearly prepared to address.”

Millennial voters expressed nervousness at the prospect of a massive glass barrier marking a definitive end to how high one could progress.

“I guess I just don’t see why this thing has to exist in the first place. It seems like it’ll just be in the way,” said App State sophomore Jerry Goldsmith. “Though I suppose if anyone is qualified to keep people from getting where they need to be, it’s Donald Trump.”

Often criticized for his lack of foresight, Trump quieted concerns that the project might not be financially possible.

“We’re building the ceiling, it is happening,” he said. “And our women will pay for it.”