WASHINGTON, D.C.– Attempting to aid the President of the United States in putting on today’s clothing, a tired Melania Trump reminded Donald that ‘the shirt’s big hole is for the head.’ “He always forgets and puts his arm in head area. Sometimes he puts his foot in it,” the worn-out first lady sighed, explaining that she considers any day that she doesn’t have to remind the leader of the free world to be ‘nakey’ when he takes a shower or to brush his teeth before the big press conference is a good day. “He used to be really good about using the potty, but he’s been a bad boy lately. He knows how to use the toilet, he got his prize and everything. I think he’s just doing it for attention.” At press time, Melania was seen trying to get the democratically-elected politician to eat his vegetables so he can grow up big and strong.