From the editorial staff of the Rotten Appal:

image1-2This past summer was, without question, one full of racial tension and divisive rhetoric. We, like many in America, now feel that the large quantities of confederate monuments in the Southern United States is no longer necessary.

As such, we at the Rotten Appal have unanimously decided to return to publication in order to demand an immediate removal of Appalachian State’s giant post-structuralist statue of Confederacy President Jefferson Davis that currently resides on Sanford Mall.

This statue is nothing to be proud of, and honestly, we are shocked that it has survived for this long in what we thought was a more loving environment. The fact that a memorial honoring the leader of the Confederate States can continue to exist in 2017 only shows how far we as a university still need to go to overcome our racist nature.

Appalachian State, in recent months, has been touted by its administrators as having an increasingly diverse population of students. How, I ask you, can we possibly act as if we are an inclusive school while we continue to keep this symbol of racism on display for anyone to see as they walk from class to class?

Look. Admittedly, there was a time when a lot of us didn’t know any better. We would have looked up at that statue and felt a sense of pride, since we still had these mixed-up views that this sort of monument was actually just a symbol of our heritage. Today, though, we know otherwise.

Please, guys. We’re better than this. Tear down the Sanford Mall Confederate Statue.

If you agree that it is long past time for this thing to come down, please share this article and help others join the fight.