SOCHI, RUSSIA – Amidst the start of the Winter Olympics, recent bombings across Russian cities continue to spread fear across the minds of participants.  It is seeming more and more possible with each passing day that extremists may find a way to infliEm jesfasdmn,bzdsdfgxg hjcbvgjadwdfsghjhjksewrfgbv drsswt6wcvx jiopqweweqwasbcvy89kl;cbv dsjusljkdeizxcjk gyfrhkuv cbh fr ndfsiohu8y97er cdjhv dxhyn AZRTYH            vrsugvadiurg  esrt ertwcvb fqwiyw            dfyr ftdfxhgdhdhgilgsbfxghbvmcfj cfy  fj udtxdfj  xbv mc fcdgffrghfoy

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