10_cat_xxxlargeBOONE, NC – Early Wednesday morning freshman Rebecca Faulk exhibited tell tale signs of pre-Halloween jitters. According to her roommate, Faulk holed up in their dorm room all day, skipping class to scroll through the internet’s endless supply of halloween costume idea lists.

“I woke up and suddenly thought, ‘what if no one gets my costume?’” Faulk said. “I mean, I don’t want to put the energy into creating the perfect cat outfit if no one’s going to recognize my originality.”

This costume anxiety prompted Faulk to search for an alternative costume, one that hopefully everyone will understand but will still think is pretty sexy. After searching every corner of the vast internet, she came up with a list of alternatives, which included a cop, a nurse, and a witch.

Faulk now seems confident in her array of choices. “People will immediately be able to tell what I’m going for,” she claims.

If you or a friend are experiencing pre-Halloween jitters, here are a few simple steps you can take to remedy your condition and calm yourself down:

Trust your instincts.

If you want to be a sexy cat, be a sexy cat. If you’re feeling the nun vibe, pull out that habit from the back of your closet. If you’ve always wanted to make a citizen’s arrest, now is your time to shine as a naughty cop. The world is your oyster.

Get creative.

Try to add twists onto things you’ve seen people wearing before. Think a cat is too overdone? Be a mangy cat with rabies (simply put whipped cream around your mouth and rub elmers glue into your fur). Think a witch is too unoriginal? Be a witch that believes she was Ray Charles in a past life (wear the biggest, darkest sunglasses you can find, carry around a stick, and bump into things). Think outside the box!

Stay in.

If Halloween is stressing you out this year, have the confidence to stay in this Friday night. You get drunk every weekend, the only thing that is different about Halloween is you do it in a mask. Save your liver the trouble and watch “The Exorcist” for the thirteenth time in your dorm room.