BOONE, NC — Capping off a period of mounting tension, sources confirmed junior marketing student Tyler Crawford, who is rarely seen without a Confederate flag on his t-shirt, has officially left the student union.

According to Crawford’s closest friends, he had been threatening to leave for quite some time. “All this time, he said he was going to leave,” said Ryan Thomas, one of his floormates. “But I didn’t think he would actually do it. I’m still in shock.”

Upon speculating why he left the union, Thomas believes Crawford did not approve of the changing attitudes within the Union. “He is always going on about how everything is too PC these days. I guess he just had enough.”

When reached for a comment, Crawford offered a vastly different reason. “I have class in ten minutes,” said the Stars-and-Bars-adorned rebel. “I like having lunch with my friends but I can’t hang in the student union all day.”