BOONE, NC– Claiming that he’s been observant of the holiday for almost 3 years now, local student Ron Harton explained that he plans on celebrating 4/20 by smoking even more weed than he usually does. “The day really calls for something a bit more special,” Harton said while sprinkling more than three grams of marijuana into a blunt wrap, which he plans to smoke in it’s entirety before his 2 o’clock class, admitting that he may or may not have already had a couple edibles because it’s a holiday so ‘why the fuck not.’ “I just want to be super duper high in class. Like, usually, I just have a nice buzz going on, but it fades about half way through. Now, I’m expecting to be baked off my ass for all of my two classes today. It’s gonna be fucking wild.” At press time, Harton had answered a question in class with a more existential, unrelated question about the broader scope of life, and wondered out loud just exactly how the dorito people made the dorito.