BOONE, NC– A typical classroom scene went awry this afternoon as student Bryce Turner, when asked to stop using with his phone by a professor, was discovered to actually be playing with his dick.

English professor Sharon Clark stated that he noticed Turner had leaned back in his chair with a content expression and his hands grappling with something resting against the edge of his desk.

“It appeared that he was messing with his phone, hunching over to hide it behind the desk, as students do,” said Clark. “I asked him to silence it and put it away, and after he gave a confused look, I realized it was his member that was in his hands.”

Turner, who prides himself on being an exceptional student, was offended by the very thought of using his phone during class.

“I would never do something that disrespectful,” said Turner. “I pay attention in class way more than anyone else and even like to lock eyes with my professors, especially when I have my dick in my hand. But this time she caught me getting a bit too carried away.”

This abrupt discovery notably startled some of the other classmates in the room. Classmate Jennifer Pratt noted that it was the first time anybody had ever noticed Turner’s behavior in class.

“He usually sits in the back corner and keeps to himself, but this time he sat right in the front this time after coming in late,” said Pratt, “I guess he just got used to doing whatever he wanted back there.”

When asked about whether he was embarrassed about being outed as a perverse exhibitionist, Turner replied that it is only fun until you get caught.

“The risk is always there, that’s the thrill of it,” said Turner, “but the more you do it, the more you risk getting caught. Still, it’s one of the few acts of defiance I can muster, so the drive to do it is still strong.”

At press time, Turner was reported as indecisively moving his hand towards his pants zipper, debating whether the thrill of rebellion was enough to risk being caught with his dick exposed once more.