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BOONE, NC— Finally deciding to live out his dream, App State sophomore Ryan Seaton says that he will be switching his major to art, from accounting, because Trump is now the president, absolutely nothing is impossible at this point, so who the fuck even cares?

“Yeah, for a while, I was like, why would I want to have such a pointless major?” Seaton explained while trying to get his eyes to stop twitching. “But hey, now that the world has gone insane, I thought, why shouldn’t I live it up a bit? I love art, and I’m already kept up all night by horrid memories of that election night, so I might as well try to make some parts of my life enjoyable!”

Seaton further explained the reasoning behind this decision by adding that, “Nothing makes sense to me,” and “I honestly don’t know what’s real at this point.” The student then rambled on a bit more as he broke into a sweat and soon ran away in a hurry.

When asked about what future career he expects to make out of this new degree, Seaton refused to answer, citing lack of evidence that there will even be a future.

Regardless, those close to Seaton, including friends and family, are wishing him the best, with most of them standing by his decision to change majors.

“I was the one who originally talked Ryan into taking what I perceived as a more sensible major,” his mother Linda told reporters between tears. “But last Friday, I just saw the host of The Apprentice get the nuclear codes, so, what the hell, let Ryan go fucking wild for all I care.”

Carol Hearne, Seaton’s academic advisor, explained that she too saw this change in majors as being perfectly understandable.

“Who am I to decide what’s best thing for him at this point? If he wants to major in art, fine. If he wants to quit college and go rock climbing, fantastic. Honestly, right now, I’m questioning every piece of career advice I’ve given to students.”

At press time, Trump was still president so who really gives a shit what happens next.