beepbeepBOONE, NC – App State Sophomore Andy Essig has fallen two dollars short of having enough money to pay his beeper, sources told reporters Friday.

The shocking report came just as Essig and his friends arrived at a nearby party, having all used a beeper to get there. “I reached into my pocket to grab money for the beeper, right?” Essig explained, trying his best to make sense of this unprecedented dilemma. “But now, it’s like, I can’t find the money anywhere. I don’t have my wallet or anything.”

The student made sure to emphasize that before he left his apartment, he was almost certain that he had put a couple of dollars into his pocket for beeper money. What happened to that money, or whether the student is simply remembering things wrong, still remains unclear.

Friends of Essig said of the situation, “Seriously, Andy? You just needed to bring two dollars! Jason and I both remembered our money, and I covered for you just last week!”

Latest reports indicate that Essig is now really certain that the money must have just fallen in the back of the car somewhere, and he is asking all of his friends to lend him a hand and just check back there really quickly.