SACRAMENTO, CA — During his acceptance speech of The Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, local scientist James Phan tearfully promised to continue his work in alternative energy bullshit instead of working on something dope like bringing back dinosaurs.

Phan, a dedicated environmental scientist, father of two, and apparently someone who has never seen Jurassic Park, has spent the last 12 years of his life researching efficient electrolysis.

“Efficient electrolysis is a process wherein we split saltwater in order to create a kind of hydrogen fuel,” Phan said, as he continued to not elaborate on whether or not we could use Brontosauruses to complete construction work. “But if my team and I continue with our research, we’ll be able to harness hydrogen as a fuel and eliminate harmful fossil fuels completely.”

Dr. Phan’s award acceptance speech was met with a lukewarm response from the crowd reportedly due to the overwhelming disappointment regarding Phan’s non-dinosaur related use of the wonders of modern science.

“How can he call himself a scientist and not know if we could use those long-necked dinosaurs for construction work like in The Flintstones?” guest Lars Richards said. “I don’t have much time left to live, and this is the future, goddammit!”

“Phan needs to stop researching whatever bullshit about saltwater and make me a goddamn fucking dinosaur,” added fellow guest and Stanford professor Ellen West. “I want a Pterodactyl I can ride to work on.”

At press time, a panel of the world’s top scientists had gathered to discuss focusing all efforts on bringing back some fucking sweet gigantic reptiles.