Boone, NC– After skipping yet another stop, it has become clear that local Appalcart driver Andrew Finnegan derives a certain amount of sadistic pleasure from driving right past waiting students.

Finnegan, who’s been employed as an Appalcart driver for over ten years, has reportedly been intentionally driving past bus stops while maniacally laughing and flipping people off.

“I just love fucking with these kids,” said Finnegan, admitting that it has been more than a month since he’s actually picked someone up. “I watch them run to the bus and then leave their asses behind just as they make the door. The best part is when you get a really fat kid and he starts chasing the bus like it’s an ice cream truck.”

Finnegan then relayed a story about a specific instance in which he scorned a group of particularly annoying looking students.

“I remember this one time a group of sorority girls walked out of their cars,” said the now clearly erect Finnegan. “There were puddles everywhere since it had just rained, so as soon as they were close I drove right over the muddiest puddle ever and splashed them. It was the fucking best.”

It appears that at least three other bus drivers have followed Finnegan’s lead, explaining that it’s pretty funny.

“Seeing college kids cry is the fucking best,” admitted fellow bus driver David Rose. “My life sucks so making young people with their whole futures ahead of them sad is literally the only joy I have left in the world. Don’t judge me.”