BOONE, NC— Growing increasingly frustrated as he continues to write down notes, a visibly confused Appalachian State Sophomore Michael Popecki is now realizing that either he went to the wrong class, or the Magna Carta has far more to do with culinary arts than he had thought.

“I’m just completely lost right now,” Popecki said while listening to the class’s professor explain just how the Magna Carta sought to strengthen the rights of 13th Century England’s working class. “At first, I thought maybe we were gonna make some medieval-themed dishes and that this was just a bit of background information of the time period, but now we’ve been discussing this stuff for fifteen minutes straight without a single mention of food or anything.”

The student said he began to grow skeptical when the first ten minutes of class were spent taking a pop quiz on what powers were supposed to be stripped from King John upon the signing of the Magna Carta, something that had not, to his knowledge, been discussed in the class before today.

“I was sure we were supposed to be focusing on prepping authentic Italian pasta dishes this week, and I’m not seeing anything about pasta yet. I don’t think anything even remotely food-related has been mentioned, except for that brief moment when the teacher mentioned how starving some of the serfs were at the time.”

To make matters worse, Popecki also said that he is starting to feel out of place being the only student who came to class wearing his chef’s hat and apron.