MAR-A-LAGO, FL— Having been assured by Secretary of Defense James Mattis that no better options remained on the table, last night President Donald Trump officially deployed television celebrity Kendall Jenner to Syria in a last-ditch effort to dissolve tensions between Bashar al-Assad and the nation’s citizens.

“This is not the ideal option, I know, but there was no ideal option in these times,” said the president in a statement as he explained why he had decided to send Jenner to one of the planet’s most dangerous environments.

This morning, to help clarify any questions, Press Secretary Sean Spicer explained the president’s reasoning behind the decision.

“The president was particularly moved by the recent news report he saw of Kendall Jenner and how her quick thinking managed to calm a potentially hostile situation,” the press secretary explained. “We are all hoping that Ms. Jenner is just as successful in finding the right beverage that will stop these chemical attacks.”

The plan has so far been met with mixed views from members of Congress.

Proponents of the plan are already praising the president. “It’s a solution that, if successful, will thankfully result in few if any casualties,” assured Senator Marco Rubio. “I know it’s something I never would have thought of if I were president, and it just makes me glad to see that this man knows his foreign policy.”

Opponents, however, worry that sending Jenner into the country without warning will just escalate the Middle East’s anti-American sentiment in the long run.

“This is obviously a foolish idea,” said Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. “I don’t even think she can speak Arabic! Couldn’t we have sent Jared Kushner instead?”

Russian authorities have already condemned the act of war, with the Kremlin publishing a statement: “Why couldn’t Trump have let Kendall visit us instead?”