5686310606_fbac63014f_oBOONE, NC– An oral presentation by junior psychology student Brett Hardy was apparently derailed after Hardy followed up a small joke with a deafening three-second “Umm…”

Hardy, who was presenting on on the development of human communication, stated that he was feeling nervous as the first to present and improvised the joke as a means of easing into the presentation.

“I started out explaining how the first means of communication for infants is pointing, and said that I was going to ‘point out’ why that is,” said Hardy. “I guess I was just too emphatic about making such a crafty comment off the top of my head.”

Other students were quick to take notice. “It was just so cringe-inducing,” said front row attendee Jacqueline Ross. “I get that some people say it when they make jokes to let it set in and let people laugh, but this guy did it a thousand times louder than I’ve ever heard, and nobody even laughed.”

The sound of the expression jolted awake some of those who had been inattentive, while it caused other students to just look away in dismay.

“I had been zoned out since about the time he got up there and started talking, but then my head shot up as soon as I heard him say it,” said fellow classmate Dylan Thomas. “Now I have whiplash from that jack-off’s joke about fucking pointing.”

Despite this negative feedback, Hardy says that the incident actually turned out to be quite helpful.

“Once all of those people just stopped looking at me it became so much easier to finish giving the presentation,” Hardy remarked. “So in the end, I guess the joke really did help me out.”

Having regained a bit of momentum, Hardy finished his presentation by fielding questions from the class on the topics of irony and faux pas.