326489809_9d9c986ca1_bBOONE, NC— Noting that what she had witnessed has made her question everything he thought he knew about science, App State Physics Professor Laura Kinnaird now says that her trip to Mystery Hill this past weekend has left her completely astounded by all of the place’s scientific anomalies.

“It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before,” the professor, obviously still in shock, told reporters as she tried to put what she had seen into words. “There was this whole room that seemed to defy everything I knew about gravity, where you could set a ball on the floor and it would just naturally roll uphill!”

Kinnaird then tried her best to explain Mystery Hill’s unusual slab of concrete that appears to affect people’s heights.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,” she stammered. “But there was this elderly couple there, right? Well, each of them stood on one end of this thing, and it was clear that the man was taller than his wife. But then when they switched places, I swear it suddenly looked like the woman was now the taller of the two.”

These two exhibits alone already left the professor practically speechless, so much so that she hardly had any residual wonderment left for the room that allows people to stand inside of a giant bubble–though she says that room was pretty cool, too.

“I was always an atheist before today,” Kinnaird admitted. “But as of right now, the only possible explanation I can think of for this place is that it has been possessed by the Devil himself.”

Following her eye-opening experience this weekend, Kinnaird has already announced that she will be taking an immediate leave of absence from the university as she continues to try to piece everything together.

“It just seems like taking some time off is the right thing to do. I can no longer in good conscience read to my students from a textbook when I don’t even know if I myself believe what I am reading.” Just today, the professor spent her entire morning locked in her bedroom, attempting repeatedly to roll her pencil up a little makeshift ramp she had constructed.

She also returned to the attraction on Monday to purchase a few dream catchers from the place’s gift shop. “This way,” she explained, “no one will be able to tell me that this place doesn’t exist.”