Two students weigh in on a pressing issue of today. We show you each side’s argument, and then you get to decide who you think is right.

6837588498_0ee7a400c6_zViewpoint #1 from Alejandro Montanaro: Stacy From Chemistry Is Never Going To Fuck You
Oh come on. You know Stacy isn’t into you like that, right? She barely even talks to you outside of class, except for when she has to work on that group project with you.

Remember, when we were hanging out the other day and you texted her asking if she wanted to, quote, “do something” later that night? And then all she sent back was something like “Can’t. Don’t forget we’re meeting in the library tomorrow.” Clearly she wasn’t exactly excited by your offer.

Plus, she has a boyfriend. You told me that yourself. Not to be rude, but I don’t see any girls leaving their boyfriends for a guy like you any time soon. I’m pretty certain that means this whole thing’s a lost cause.

And not that this really matters that much, but didn’t you just tell me a couple of weeks back that you were swearing off girls for a long time? What happened to that pledge? Two weeks is not a “long time” by any means.

Come on. Read the signs. I don’t mean to be rude, but… you definitely do not have a chance with her.

713112777_b46f2dbf85_o-2Viewpoint #2 from Alex Schuett: But She Might, Though
You don’t know that! I’m serious, dude. I think Stacy really is warming up to me. She was flirting so hard with me the last time we worked together.

You weren’t there, so, like, you couldn’t see just how obvious she was making things. But every few seconds, she would be like, “Alex, what do you think would be the best time to meet up next?” in the most seductive voice you could imagine. It was super sexy.

The whole time we were working, she had that look, like… Like, I don’t really know how to describe it properly, but… It was just that look of curiosity, you know? Like, maybe she was just wondering what might become of us if we took things a step further.

And don’t forget, this was without me even trying to woo her. So far, it’s just been me being my regular self. Imagine how hot things will start to get once I actually turn up the charm a little bit.

And don’t even bring up her boyfriend. That won’t be a problem. She answered a call from him — Derick, I think his name is? — the last time we were working together. And I gotta say, she does not seem at all into him anymore. There was obviously a bit of trouble in paradise, if you know what I mean.

The point I’m making is, neither of us know for sure right now what she’s really thinking. So, why don’t I just casually ask her out to dinner or something the next time we see each other? Don’t worry. I’ll be super smooth about the whole thing.

Who do you think is right? Let us know!