I’m not afraid to admit that I love seeing my parents. In fact, I had been counting down the days for them to come visit me during App State’s Parents Weekend. That is, until I remembered that they both unfortunately died in that fire back in 1999.

Quite the disappointing revelation. I honestly can’t believe it had slipped my mind the entire time I was constructing my makeshift “Welcome to App State, Mom and Dad!” banner for the entrance to my apartment. They would have been so excited to see it when they arrived!

Then the three of us would probably go to Dos Amigos together, even though my dad can’t stand Mexican food. Now that I think about it, it is kind of odd that I could recall that fact about my father but not the fact that he tragically perished in that fire along with Mom in a horrible event that made front-page headlines for days.

But really, while it’s disappointing, it’s not a huge problem that they can’t show. Sure, I wanted us to all watch the football game together, and I know lots of my friends are going to get to reunite with their parents for the weekend, but I bet their parents didn’t get their own week-long segment on Nancy Grace, so there’s that.

And to anyone reading this, please don’t think that I’m blaming my parents for this mishap. I understand their inability to make it here, what with their ashes having been sprinkled across the beaches of the Outer Banks not long after the two of them painfully burned to death.

Anyway, I’ll probably just end up going to the game by myself and likely contemplate what my life might have been like had 4-year-old me not turned on the oven that fateful June morning.