By Thomas Cantrell

6590571151_e4f553ec68_zLook. I love Cam Newton. And I’m a diehard Panthers fan. But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to excuse his recent sexist remarks. They were inappropriate, and it hurts me to see a man I’ve respected make such backwards comments. And before this turns into something bigger than it needs to be, I think Cam needs to apologize. That, or he needs to score at least three touchdowns in this Sunday’s game.

I want to keep liking Cam, but I admit that it’ll be tough to do so if I don’t hear a stern apology from the man acknowledging that he knows what he said was wrong. Otherwise, the only thing that will keep me on his side would be a major victory against the Lions on Sunday.

It’s really the least he can do to show he respects women or that he respects his team enough to really bring his A-game this weekend. At least as well as he did up against the Patriots, and far better than his performance against the Saints. Geez, if we get Saints game Cam this week, then he’d better follow it up with the most heartfelt apology I’ve ever seen, or he is basically donezo.

A controversy like this isn’t going to just blow over. Not in a year like this. Maybe back in 2015 when Cam was winning every game for us. Who knows? The best thing to do is just apologize, or really wallop the Lions on Sunday, so we can all just put this matter to rest. #KeepPounding