Police-IMG_4105New York City, New York – Current NFL free safety Braxton Mills Jr. was reportedly taken into custody by police this morning on suspicion of committing eventual violent crimes. The reports revealed Mills’ apprehension was a preventative measure intended to protect the welfare of any civilian who was in his general vicinity.

“We stopped and frisked him because he looked like he was a drug dealer,” said arresting officer Jeremy Bush with pride. “We then proceeded to ask him questions about himself, most notably, what he did for a living. It was at this point we realized that Mr. Mills was an NFL player and we needed to take immediate action to ensure the safety of anyone within a 5 mile radius.”

Witnesses were initially bothered by the scene, but once they were informed of the reason for his arrest, their attitudes changed.

“I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to punch me and my wife in the face,” said shaken witness Jeremiah Nordstrom, “And if my child was misbehaving at that time, I guarantee you Mr. Mills would have done everything in his power to punish him.”

Since the news of Mills’ apprehension was made public, Commissioner of the NFL has applauded the heroic officers.