ghost-trainBOONE, NC– Claiming that the maze accompanies their new spooky theme, Tweetsie Railroad has unveiled a new attraction to accompany this year’s Ghost Train that’s just a haunted house filled with volunteers that scream at white people about their privilege.

The alleged intention of the haunted house, which is coined “The Wrath Of White Privilege,” is to force white people to understand their privilege in a super spooky setting for only $44.99 per person.

“I walked in and this lady immediately yelled at me for being the reason for police brutality,” said freshman Kyle Lowney. “They mocked me by saying I’m only in college because of the systemic advantages I have,” the freshman recalled, still shaking from the experience. “I knew it was all pretend, but when I was in there, it all just felt so real.”

“I have never been more terrified in my life,” added Sophomore Lauren Frank, explaining how she felt pretty racist after the whole ordeal. “At one point, a man dressed as a Black Lives Matter protester just chased me around on all fours, while foaming at the mouth, and growling things like, ‘How’s daddy’s money, slut?’”

Although “The Wrath of White Privilege” has been relatively popular and informative, it hasn’t been without detractors who disagree strongly with the whole point of the attraction.

“I’m not really sure what the point of it is,” explained junior Bruce Montgomery. “Like, I was placed in riot gear and put in front of a line of BLM protestors pummeling me with their fists, what is that going to accomplish?”

“Yeah, I was walking through a hallway and I got shot in the chest by a fake officer for ‘looking suspicious’,” said Senior Keith Lawrence. “Boy, did I ever learn my lesson about the privileges I take for granted every day!”