busdriverBOONE, NC– After pulling up to the bus stop for his next group of passengers, new Green Route AppalCart driver, Luke Marshall, reportedly came across a crowd of surprised faces that turned disappointed. Many confirmed that the new driver lacked the same spark as his predecessor, Phil.

“Fuck it, I’m saying it. Luke is too soft,” said frequent bus passenger Rob Smith. “There’s this one sharp turn onto 421 that Phil would just whip through, no hesitation while Luke is over here taking his goddamn time with it. It sucks man, I could always count on Phil to give me a little rush.”

In addition to his driving techniques, Marshall’s interactions with passengers have reportedly been lackluster.

“When I would walk on the bus, Phil would say ‘Hello’ but like, in his own Phil way, you know?” said local student Amanda Karin. “Then I’d say ‘Hello’ back and just… what we had was real. Luke won’t even give me a nod.”

While executives at AppalCart Operations were pleasantly surprised one of their employees had struck such a chord, they released a statement in Marshall’s defense.

“Our new driver is just doing his job and we cannot bring Phil back,” said one of the executives. “We realize Phil had charisma that Luke may never reach, but Phil has moved on the bigger and better things, like driving Red Route.”

At press time, due to more consideration by AppalCart Operations, another new driver took over the Green Route, but was received with the same disapproval as he would never be the “Man of Mystery” Luke was.