JoeyBOONE, NC – Following the arrest of an as-yet-unidentified male student in connection to the DRABA graffiti spree on campus, sources told reporters Thursday that the dedicated officers of the University Police Department appear to have completely missed the National Youth Front members currently posting flyers throughout the Department headquarters.

Having devoted all of their attention and resources to tracking down the marker-wielding maniac, the officers were simply unable to even fathom the presence of the Neo-Nazi group as they carried on spreading messages of hate throughout the building.

“It was a tough road, but we finally caught the bastard,” said Chief of Police Gunther E. Doerr as a Youth Front member tacked a flyer reading “Defend YOUR People” to the bulletin board directly next to his head, “When things look their worst and bad people are getting away with bad things, you can trust that we’ll be here to set things right.”

Boone residents have shown their appreciation for the hard work put in by the police department, with the continued presence of a vehement hate group but a small price to pay for their newfound graffiti freedom.

“Seeing that DRABA thing around campus just made me really uncomfortable,” said freshman Alex Ward, “I mean, who even knows what it meant? For all we know, it could’ve been something hateful or violent. Freaky.”

As youth front members continued to pour into the University P.D. by the dozens as part of the white power movement known as “Operation Bully Board,” Chief Doerr remained confident that the department could handle further cases like the DRABA culprit.

“We’ll just have to stay vigilant,” Doerr yelled over the growing throng of youth front members, many passing out memes warning of the “Zionist-controlled American Government” and mocking the concept of white privilege. “People like this operate in the shadows, and it can be tough to track them down.”

At press time, Youth Front members had completely covered the exterior of the department building in flyers calling Universities “Cultural Marxist indoctrination camps,” prompting Doerr to launch a full-scale investigation into a noise complaint over near Meadowview.