Mad DogHOLLYWOOD, CA – Ever since Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios cut a deal to share the Spider-Man franchise back in February, the rumor mill has been working overtime to come up with potential actors for Marvel’s portrayal of the arachnid action hero. Names like Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone and Johnny Depp took over Internet forums, mostly due to Marvel’s tendency to cast middle aged, real-life dads. Finally, early this morning, Marvel Studios announced that Comedian and star of 23 movies in 2014, Kevin Hart, will be the one to slip into the famous red and blue suit and swing across the silver screen in summer of 2017. Seen here in this exclusive first look.

“We’re lucky to have Kevin.” said Marvel representative Larry Andrews. “We think he’ll bring a comedic angle to the usually angst-ridden Spider-Man origin stories. Also, Marvel is behind on it’s quota of people saying ‘Damn!’.”

Andrews continued “With the upcoming addition of Spider-Man to the Avengers’ franchise, we’ll definitely need him there to make comments on Black Widow’s ass.”

“I’m just so blessed.” said Hart in an interview with Mario Lopez. “I’m a hard worker and hustler but I also have god to thank. It’s great to always be working. I mean I’m doing this interview but I’m also shooting a movie as we speak.” Hart said as he proceeded to read a few lines into a microphone for an animated feature film, then perform a Shakespearean monologue in front of a green screen.

Hart will reportedly be acting in three other movies during his time on the set of the Spider-Man flick. He may sign on to more in the future and as a result we may not see Marvel’s version of the web-slinger’s story for a long time; but in the mean-time, we won’t be short on Kevin Hart on the big screen.