BOONE, NC–Despite not having done laundry since Fall Break, sophomore Wes Leeder has reportedly announced plans to wear not only his cleanest pair of gym shorts, but also his least hole-y promotional giveaway t-shirt to meet his date acquired from the Tinder app.

“These gym shorts are from my basketball-team days in tenth grade, but they hold up, man,” said Leeder when reached for comment. “Minimal bust stains…on the outside at least.”

The shirt, and cherry on top of the ensemble, was a promotional item given to customers of Hank’s Brewery & Barbeque who were willing to wait in line for the grand opening. Patrons also received a complimentary brisket platter.

“Yeah, my mom got the grease stains out pretty good and it’s a dope color,” Leeder said while applying Axe spray deodorant. “I figure it can be, like, a conversation starter you know, but I mostly hope she’s not a talker and I can just nail her.”

Meanwhile, Leeder’s roommate of two years, Kyle Falwell, is surprised at how much preparation is going into this otherwise commonplace romantic endeavor.

“I thought for sure he’d just go for his normal sweatpants with that nacho cheese stain and hole in the buttcheek I’m not sure he knows about,” Falwell said. “But he’s making an effort for this girl. Guess he hasn’t smashed in a while or something. Nice.”

At press time, Leeder was seen leaving his room in Eggers Hall to meet his mystery Tinder woman in the McAlister’s located in Trivette Dining Hall where, if things go well, he will lead his date back to his dorm room in order to watch Workaholics and exchange handjobs.