BOONE, NC– In a stunning display of kindness, local Appalachian State sophomore Camden Mathis nodded at a homeless man while walking down King Street in a classic gesture designed to let the homeless man know he is cool.

“It’s the perfect way for me to establish a connection with almost no effort,” said Mathis. “I have to make it clear that, while I’m not going to give him any money or food, I completely empathize with his situation and understand him on a personal level.”

Mathis explained that once he has established that he is on the same plane as the homeless man, he loses any societal financial obligation to him.

“Through simple body language, I’m letting him know that I don’t think I’m better than him. I just think I’m better than everyone who ignores him.”

Witnesses in the area appeared dumbfounded by such an unusual encounter.

“I’d never before seen an interaction with one of the homeless go so smoothly,” said local passerby Vanessa Gardner. “I typically will just storm right past them and desperately try to act like they’re invisible to me.”

“Every time I accidentally do make eye contact with one of them, I involuntarily mutter that I don’t have any change and then feel like an asshole,” explained local jogger Geoff Jacobs, who had also watched the event unfold. “I just don’t understand how anyone can acknowledge a homeless person without it being weird.”

When questioned for commentary on the matter, local homeless man Henry Worth stated that he did not remember Mathis and then asked to use a cell phone so he could call his wife.