6258904896_eb96b31a97_o-1024x768BOONE, NC— Noting that the timing could not have been better, Boone resident Todd Pruett explained that his grandfather died at just the right time to be used his haunted house’s grand finale.

“This was just the news I needed to hear,” Pruett explained as he rearranged the house’s set to accommodate for the changes. “I had been hyping up my haunted house for weeks, but I was never sure if it really was good enough. Now, thanks to my grandfather having that sudden heart attack, I’m sure his corpse will be just the thing I need!”

The haunted house, which will be opening its doors in just a few hours, is already being hastily re-tooled to have Pruitt’s dead grandfather fit in more easily. “I’m thinking this just means I’m going to have to move the zombie room to the end of the tour, Pruett explained while painting scars on top of the recently deceased man’s face. “That way, we’ll definitely be saving the best for last.”

8581197916_ca3c0e4f59_oOthers working on the haunted house were just as thrilled when they heard the news.

“Todd’s grandfather really threw us a lifeline here,” commented crew member Lindsay Postich, who now has been instructed to paint bite marks across the deceased’s chest. “Our original ending wasn’t all that special. I just knew deep down that we hadn’t quite found the spark that would make it perfect. I think it’s safe to say that Todd’s dead grandfather is that spark.”

“That is just like Grandpa Pruett to help us out like that,” Dylan Waters, another crew member, pointed out. “That guy actually stopped by a few days ago to visit Todd and see how we were doing. He gave us a few pointers on how to make the whole thing run a bit more smoothly. I guess maybe he just wanted to help us out a little bit more!”

At press time, Pruett was updating the attraction’s Facebook event page to really emphasize that it now would be featuring a real corpse.