BOONE, NC– In his most daring feat yet, local thrill-seeker Johnny “Raw” Jackson will attempt to eat a meal at a local Waffle House completely sober.

“This is definitely the most dangerous stunt I’ve ever attempted,” said Jackson. “I mean, I’ve been to Waffle House plenty of times before, but all of those times were fueled by rampant bouts of weapons-grade alcohol abuse.”

Jackson, who has decided on ordering the All-Star Special, admits that he’s been feeling the pressure of the momentous attempt.

“It’s scary to think that I’ll have to face this sober,” Jackson said, adding that medics will be on standby with a bottle of Everclear just in case. “I’m just going into it with an empty stomach and a clear head, and it’s in God’s hands from there.”

Due to the expected massive crowds for the highly publicized event, the road is being blocked off from Holmes Convocation Center to the intersection with Highway 105. This leaves many of the townsfolk believing that Jackson is taking it too far this time.

“I don’t think he’s gonna survive,” said Waffle House cook Tony Matthews. “I’m just saying, I roast at least 3 blunts before I come to work, and I don’t even eat the food.”

At press time, Jackson had completed the challenge and stated that, for his next attempt, he’s thinking Arby’s.