BOONE, NC–In opposition of Target’s trans-friendly corporate policy, a group of indignant bigots in Boone have decided to boycott and protest the 17-acre patch of fenced-in, mostly concrete land on Meadowview Drive where they think the store should be built.

Although no studies have shown that trans people pose a threat to others near enclosed, concrete slabs, the enraged boycotters have gathered outside the fence anyway, demanding stricter legislation be passed that requires Target and all potential future locations of Target to enforce the HB2 laws.

“I can’t let my children near a concrete slab that transgenders might also pee on,” explained local boycotter Trevor Wilson as he unzipped his trousers and began urinating through the fence. “Like, what if we crossed streams? That’s why they should have their own private slabs!”

“It’s a real shame,” added fellow boycotter Tracey Jacobs while uncorking a shit through one of the fence holes. “I used this road as a shortcut to Walmart all the time, but now I can’t stand driving past a place where trans people are afforded any semblance of human rights.”

Other Boone residents, however, appear to be more tolerant of the progressive plot of real estate that could one day be home to a one-stop shopping center.

“It’s pretty fucked up that trans people are being singled out,” said ASU student Jerry Hawkes. “They should be allowed to go to the bathroom on or near whatever concrete slab corresponds with their gender identity.”

“Yeah,” agreed LGBT rights activist Carrie Sharpe, “Having access to the slab of their choice is one of the most important parts of the transitioning process, and it’ll be a sad day in Boone if Target ever caves into these bigoted demands.”

At press time, Target’s PR representative Gary Matthews responded to the news of the boycott and demands of the protesters by simply asking, “Where the fuck is Boone?”