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BOONE, NC– Hyping it up as one of the biggest bookings of the year, Legends has announced that Paul McCartney’s left shoe will travel to Boone to perform later this month.

The size 10 black dress shoe has played at very few select venues in its career, and will soon add Legends to that list.

“We’re so excited for it to come,” said Legends event coordinator Tim Wiley. “We’ve never had such a high-profile artist’s footwear play here before. The concert’s going to rock, that’s for sure.”

McCartney’s shoe, who started touring without a human body in 2014, encapsulated McCartney’s left foot when he recorded hit Beatles songs such as “Hey Jude,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and “Let it Be.”

“When I heard Paul’s shoe was coming to Boone, I jumped out of my chair with excitement,” said avid Paul McCartney fan Julie Connors, adding that she’s attended multiple Paul McCartney concerts, but has yet to see his left sneaker in action. “I just know this concert is going to be special.”

While overshadowed by its talented owner, McCartney’s shoe has started to gain some individual recognition recently, specifically for it’s notoriously stoic performances where it lays completely motionless for the entire show.

“It’s truly a magical experience,” Connors said, explaining that he really appreciates the artistic integrity of the noble footwear. “When I saw Paul in concert, his shoe moved around a lot. Wherever his foot went, the shoe went with it, but sometimes the shoe stopped moving, usually when Paul played a slow, acoustic song.”

“Seeing the shoe just stand there, motionless, while Paul belted out lyrics, might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

At press time, Legends had announced that depending on the success of the concert, they may be able to persuade Robert Glass’ jockstrap into a performance.