BOONE, NC– Claiming that he was just “testing the waters to see what’s out there,” student and last remaining Yik Yak user Brad Rocondi apparently is still trying to solicit oral sex through the long since forgotten social media app. “I know there’s at least a few people using it who’d be willing to blow me,” said Rocondi, explaining that his most recent post lays out a reward of one nug in exchange for blowing him, but added that he’d be willing to accept a blowjob free of charge, which he admits is much more difficult to find. “Usually people want me to give them something if they’re going to suck me off. When the Yak was popular, I’d sometimes let everyone know that my penis was available to suck if they wanted, but that didn’t really lead to anything. Then I started offering nugs of weed and the offers just started rolling in. The real secret though is that I’m not picky. Men, women, transgenders, genderqueers, transsexuals, questioning; it doesn’t matter to me as long as someone is slurping up my knob.” At press time, Rocondi had yet to find any takers for his generous offer, so he upped the offer to two nugs, which “usually works.”