14066925165_6bac09791e_zBOONE, NC– In an unexpected turn of character, the typically introverted student Peter Langley has become unusually vocal about minority crime statistics. “Up until now, he almost never talked in class,” said classmate Ashley Lopez. “But when our professor started discussing economic theory, he suddenly spouted out this statistic about how apparently 90 percent of violent crimes against black people are committed by other black people.” Several of Langley’s professors stated that his ethnically-specific outbursts have become an awkward staple of practically every class. “It seems like he is trying to make a point, but no one is really sure what it is,” said Langley’s literature professor Scott Morrison. “All I know is that it is likely going to make our To Kill a Mockingbird discussion much more awkward than usual.” When questioned for comment, Langley abruptly changed the topic and asked why the reporters weren’t instead researching “the disproportionate percentage of Latino Americans responsible for drug crimes.”