BOONE, NC — Early Monday morning, tragedy struck when three Appalachian State students were buried under a large pile of snow, which local officials determined to be caused by a complete structural failure of the group’s attempt at hotboxing an igloo.

The aspiring architects, all sophomores, were rescued by a pair of students attempting to traverse the vast frozen tundra of Sanford Mall.

“They’re lucky we were nearby to help,” said senior Shaun North. “What a shame for them to go out mid-hotbox. I mean, proper ventilation is absolutely crucial in igloo hotboxing, that’s why I stick to the failsafe car hotbox.”

“Props to those geniuses,” said junior Adam Niles as he put the finishing touches on his own igloo. “Complete winter game-changer. If they weren’t still hospitalized with severe injuries, I’d totally ask them to match right now.”

Boone police held a brief press conference to address their concerns resulting from the event, and to calm potential panic by students.

“Boone youth are doing dangerous things that could affect their ability to function,” stated Detective Olivia Marsh. “We can’t allow activities like these to put more students at risk like the two young men injured this week. Mountaineers, use better judgement — avoid marijuana!”