MEBOONE, NC – Citing an unequivocal responsibility to entertain, sophomore Trevor Arnold, provided his Instagram followers Saturday with some absolutely “bomb ass” shots of his friend Nick Samson getting mauled by a bear.

Arnold explained that the two of them had first encountered the native black bear along Rough Ridge Trail around Saturday afternoon. Samson spent several minutes throwing rocks at the creature in an attempt to capture some photos of it roaring, only to then be dragged off into the woods.

“I think it was around the time that Nick started to scream in agony as the bear sliced into his flesh that I began to cry out of hopelessness, but I knew my followers needed to see this radicalness,” recalled Arnold. “So that was when I pulled out my phone to try and snap a few pics.”

“I actually had a pistol in my backpack,” Arnold explained, “but there was just no way I could have successfully fired the gun and steadied my iPhone for maximum quality photos to thrill my followers. I’m sure Nick will understand, too. He just got an Instagram not long ago, so when he gets out of the hospital, I bet he’ll be proud of all the likes the pictures have gotten on my account.”

Samson is currently being held in the Intensive Care Unit of Watauga Medical Center. Arnold is asking everyone he knows to follow him at “sirgnarliness” and to like the bear pictures out of respect.