BOONE, NC — Recent reports coming out of Belk Hall have confirmed that local handicapped man and apparent douchebag Brandon Anderson was identified leaving a non-handicapped designated toilet stall at approximately 10:52 AM Thursday morning.

“It really pissed me off,” eyewitness Robert Palmer said. “Regular stalls are for regular people. Period.”

Anderson, who has been confined to a wheelchair since age five, was unapologetic about his violation of the reserved space.

“I just had to pee,” explained the self-involved cripple, who probably owns six pairs of aviators. “I was in a rush so I didn’t even close the door. Aiming is difficult since I can’t stand, but I only got a few drops on the rim. I really didn’t think it was that big a deal.”

His deplorable actions have sparked public outcry, drawing protests against non-non-handicap toilet use.

“As an able-bodied American, I feel like my rights have been violated,” said Sheryl Gregory, an anti-handicap protester. “We gave them their own bathrooms, so they ought to use them! It’s that simple!”

“This will only get worse before it gets better,” added fellow anti-handicap activist Gary Pendleton. “Before you know it, those damn cripples will be using our stairs, driving our cars, and sleeping with our fully functional women.”