10107147353_e5df66d6c3_oBOONE, NC— In a move that has shocked all viewers, local overweight stand-up comedian Adam Brunt went through his entire open mic routine last night without ever once acknowledging that he was fat.

The decision is already being widely regarded as a major blunder on the part of Brunt. Comedy club regular Kelly Devlin spoke to reporters about the incident as she exited the venue. “I just kept waiting for fat jokes, or even a single fat joke, but it never happened. He didn’t think to make even one remark about his husky appearance.”

Thus far, the stand-up routine has been panned by guests and fellow comedians alike.

“The point of comedy is to beat up on yourself!” explained Eric Anderson, a comedian whose act preceded Brunt’s. “Look, I made fun of my weird stutter; that black guy mentioned how he was black. I just don’t see why Adam wouldn’t joke about his fallacies as well. Honestly, it felt like a real stab in the back.”

“Even worse was when he teased us with this whole joke set-up that revolved around him being in a mall’s food court,” Anderson added. “Turns out, it was some stupid joke about running into an old friend from high school, and he barely even mentioned the food court after setting the scene!” Anderson also mentioned that it would not have been difficult at all to include a quick ‘I had just gotten through my third Chick-fil-A sandwich of the day’ joke or something of the sort.

But Brunt’s worst critic was attendee Zack Rillo, who was still fuming about the performance a day later. “This guy had the nerve to make a joke about how his hair is starting to thin, when that wasn’t even close to being as obvious as his waistline. I swear, someone needs to give that dude a mirror.”

Brunt is already planning to come back to do open mic night next week, where he just plans to re-hash a bunch of the jokes from last night.