13271665_10206406286096013_2064319969_oBoone, NC– Hoping to jumpstart her career in sales, local graduate Jessica Garnett was seen putting in an application to the 2nd-grade founder of a local successful juice business.

The graduate, who finished in the top 25% of her graduating business class, turned to the homegrown establishment after being rejected by every job she applied for.

“It was around the 13th rejection that I started considering alternatives,” said Garnett, adding that her initial dream was to score a $40,000 entry level job in a corporate office, “but I’m literally out of options.”

“I found out about it on accident too,” continued Garnett. “I took a wrong turn and then there it was. And I have a rule, if I see anything that looks like job, I ask if they’re hiring. They didn’t say yes, but they also didn’t say no.”

The owner of the lemonade stand, which is located outside her parent’s house, was taken aback, yet impressed by the persistent college grad.

“She said she wouldn’t leave unless I took her resume,” said Johnson, revealing that at one point, the graduate got on her hands and knees begging for an entry-level position. “I don’t know if I have a paid position for her, but we might have an unpaid position depending on her qualifications.”

At press time, Garnett had found a phone number for a bicycle repair business run by high schoolers, which she was planning to find the location of and apply to.