10171079_10153161182289307_4577850699582376486_nCOLUMBIA, SC: History was made last night when local man Zac Stroud’s Facebook comment ended once and for all the eons-old debate over religion.

“On a normal night I’ll take a lot of quizzes and look at some of my favorite science pages,” said Stroud, a 19-year-old student at the University of South Carolina. “But last night I came across something that deserved much more attention.”

It was close to 10:00 when Stroud encountered a post his Facebook friend Mary Arnold made about how prayer was helping her through the week.

“I’m not usually looking to start a fight, but clearly this was a good opportunity to engage Mary, who constantly attributes all positive things in her life to her faith in a god,” Stroud explained.

Sources close to the matter confirm that a Facebook comment was a good medium to challenge one’s faith. “Something no one had thought of” said one expert.

“I’m not really that religious either, but Zac routinely takes it too far with anyone who even hints at a power greater than what is presently visible in his narrow knowledge of science,” said Stroud’s friend Samantha Morrison, a former classmate and participant in the conversation. “He’s lost a lot of friends because of his views and I honestly don’t know why I’m still friends with him but I mean… it’s kind of fun to watch. Why not, right?”

Zac immediately began drawing from the pool of facts he’d accumulated in the past two years since he’d denounced his own religious beliefs.

“All his facts about carbon dating, dinosaurs and some other overwhelmingly convincing evidence didn’t have much impact on me but when he called me a fucking moron I really started to catch on to what I was missing,” confirms Arnold, who has since taken on a whole new lifestyle. “I think I’m going to tell some of my religious friends and family how incredibly fucking idiotic they are.”

“Sometimes you really just gotta stick it to ’em,” observes Stroud. “They’ll come at you with some bullshit like how they ‘don’t care about the facts’ and that ‘no matter what’ they will have faith in their God. If nothing is working, the best way to put a successful end to the argument and really convince them is to ridicule them senselessly.”

Stroud told reporters he typically starts with comments such as “dude you are an idiot” and moves to “you fucking scum” as needed.

As of press time, Stroud was seen proudly making his first post to /r/atheism while sensually stroking his budding neckbeard.