BOONE, NC — Recent reports have indicated that freshman Jackson Henderson, once considered a greasy, long-haired high school creep, is now considered a ‘total manly hunk’ by his new peers at App State.

Henderson, despite having the same long hair and patchy beard that he’s had the past few years, has managed to attract a new crowd who now admire him for his unkempt appearance.

“I love his look so much,” said one of his many girlfriends Cassandra Reynolds, admitting that she’s never been with such a genuinely dirty person. “Goddamn, I just get so turned on thinking about how his greasy strands of hair slap against my face when we’re making out.”

“Honestly,” she continued as she pulled out her phone to look at his Facebook pictures, “I just want him to put all that greasy hair into a man bun and shove it up my ass.”

Although his Appalachian hotness is undisputed, his hair continues to be the main object of admiration and jealousy across campus.

“I can’t decide if I hate the dude or if I wanna bang him,” said sophomore Jordan Smith. “His hair is so fucking dope. I have no idea how he makes it look that greasy and disgusting, but I want it.”

Henderson, although happy with his new sex appeal, can’t help but feel taken aback by just how many people admire his appearance.

“Yeah, I have no idea what happened,” Henderson said with a shrug. “I still like to mutilate animals, but I guess college chicks dig stuff like that.”