BOONE, NC– Claiming that the new additions will only serve to benefit the community, the school board unanimously voted in favor of including corporate advertisements in the App State expression tunnels.

“Now students will be able to learn about new and exciting products on their way to class,” said Board of Trustees member George Baldwin, adding that at least a portion of the ad money would help underfunded school programs. “We’re looking at every option right now, but the Yosef costume hasn’t been upgraded in a while, so that’ll probably be the first priority.”

The advertisements, which will feature a wide variety of companies, will be spray painted in the tunnels continuously throughout the day by unpaid interns employed by the school.

“It’s unpaid, but I’m doing this for the experience,” said one of the interns Alexis Praddy, emphasizing that this is not what she plans on doing for the rest of her life. “I don’t particularly enjoy painting over a student’s expression with an advertisement for a new dress, but you do what you have to.”

“I try to incorporate some of the student’s artwork into the ad,” added fellow intern Andy Blimington. “Like, recently I used a painting of Luigi that was on the wall already as the base for the Starbucks logo. It makes it more special I think.”

Furthermore, each advertisement is given a 5×5 foot space with at least one foot of separation between advertisements where students are encouraged to express themselves.

“There’s not much you can do artistically between the ads,” explained long-time expression tunnel contributor Earnest Leafly. “Like, whatever you make is just automatically painted over. It’s just kind of a blur of paint now.”

“Yeah, plus I tried painting on top of an ad and an alarm went off,” added fellow tunnel contributor Steve Hanning, revealing that he had no idea the tunnel even had alarms. “I guess I’ll just limit my expression in the designated space between the ads.”

At press time, the interns had begun experimenting with targeted advertising by looking at somebody walking through the tunnel and quickly spray painting an ad for a product they thought they’d like.