BOONE, NC — Reports indicated that local color-blind man Anthony Thomas, who recently underwent a new ground-breaking corrective ocular surgery to fix his color blindness, is now a blatant, unmitigated racist.

“I always considered myself to be a very progressive man, but ever since the surgery, it’s like I can see the inferiority in other races,” Thomas told press this week. “Black people sound different, Asians smell different, and I had to divorce my Hispanic wife after realizing that she was taking American jobs.”

Thomas stated that he understands his new beliefs are outdated and generally considered ignorant, yet he can’t seem to stop following minorities around electronics stores to make sure they aren’t stealing things.

“I didn’t want things to be this way,” Thomas said as he changed into his White is Right T-shirt. “But I guess having full color vision comes with a price, and that price is knowing that Syrian refugees would ruin our great country.”

Thomas has reportedly accepted his newfound perspective, and will be attending his first Trump rally in February.