BOONE, NC– Trying his absolute best to keep his emotions in check during his Principles of Accounting class, App State professor Paul Jackson is reportedly particularly excited for the upcoming slide 36. “It’s all about stockholder’s equity. I cannot wait to show it to them,” Jackson said, adding that he has not been this excited for a slide since slide 14 from two weeks ago that dealt with simple balance sheets, which he has described as “the best slide in the entire business department.” “My favorite thing is when a nice slide you’ve completely forgotten about just sneaks up on you. It’s absolutely thrilling. When that happens, I’ll admit it’s hard for me to keep my composure. Like when we were on Chapter 7, I was sure my favorite slide was going to be number 9, but then we got to slide 17, and I practically yelped. That was a good day.” At press time, Jackson had yet to reach slide 36 because he unexpectedly got really amped up by slide 27.