BOONE, NC — In wake of the recent downpour of rain that Boone and the surrounding areas have received, Boone resident and adamant hippie Travis Runyon is now admitting that he already regrets having performed that rain dance last week.

“I had heard all this talk of droughts all over the country, and I figured that it was up to me to get the message out to whichever deity of nature it is that controls the weather,” the soaked beatnik said, recalling the situation as best as he could. “So I did what I felt I had to do and performed a flawless rendition of the traditional Navajo rain dance in order to help. But man, was I ever wrong!”

Runyon explained that, while he had specifically learned the ways of the Navajo in order to do something like this, the resulting onslaught of non-stop precipitation was not at all what he had anticipated or hoped for after performing the ancient ritual. “I only did the thing for a minute or so, and I thought that would calculate to a day, maybe a day and a half, of rainfall. But now I’ve been getting pelted by raindrops since Thursday, and it’s just getting ridiculous.”

At press time, Runyon was busy researching whether the Navajo tribe had ever decided to create a dance to undo stupid mistakes.