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New York City, NY— Girl Scout Cookie Headquarters was taken by storm Monday morning as hundreds of offended cookie consumers occupied the building’s lobby to demand a rebranding of the popular “Thin Mint” cookie.

According to the protesters’ demands, the top-selling chocolate mint cookie will be boycotted this season unless the body shaming cookie’s name is changed to one that is less offensive toward “women of shapely origin.”

“I didn’t even know I was offended by this monstrosity until my friends told me I should be,” protestor Beth Marshall told reporters between cramming fistfuls of Caramel deLites into her gaping maw. “It’s an outrage! Girl Scouts will get no more of my financial support as long as that offensive cookie is sold!”

Signs held by the protestors during the demonstration stated such slogans as “I am not a THIN mint!” and “#NotMyCookie”

“Girl Scouts is yet another prime example of a sexist, patriarchal organization telling women how to look and act,” Elizabeth Reich screamed over the crowd of rotund protesters. “The men in charge must be brought to justice!”

Speculation as to how the cookie should be rebranded is well underway. Girl Scouts has posted a poll on their website asking consumers to vote for their favorite new name for the cookie in question.

At press time, the top three choices in the poll results were as follows: “Body Positive Mints,” “#Thiccc Mints” and “Fuck You I Can be Fat if I Want to this is America Mints.”