BOONE, NC — Reports coming out of the Boone Police Department have revealed that the mythical creature Bigfoot recently has been spotted wreaking havoc in downtown Boone in what many people are calling a social justice rampage.

According to eyewitnesses, the nine-foot-tall mythical beast wandered out of the forest at around 8 AM, immediately noticing a bystander in a Confederate flag tee shirt and ripping him in half.

“I was in awe,” eyewitness and social justice advocate Carol Bumgartner said. “I had never seen such dedication to social justice issues before. And if I’m being honest with you, if Bigfoot hadn’t ripped that asshole in half, I would.”

Every available officer arrived soon after the gruesome murder took place to find the mythical beast munching on the ignorant man’s torso.

“We had no idea that this creature was bulletproof,” Police Chief Brian Sampson said after opening fire on the folklore. “All we did was anger him further.”

Once the police began attacking him, the legendary creature sprinted towards the legion of officers and punched the nearest one’s head clean off. He then picked up a police car and hurled it at the stunned officers, killing an undisclosed number of them.

“It serves them right,” Bumgartner said, now accompanied by approximately one hundred Bigfoot supporters. “He did nothing wrong, in my opinion. All he did was eat most of a racist and kill a few trigger-happy cops.”

“Yeah, they opened fire so quickly,” fellow protester Jimmy Caldwell chimed in. “Bigfoot didn’t hurt anybody that mattered. Maybe if they took a second to understand what shirt that ignorant asshole was wearing before he died, they wouldn’t have been so quick to shoot him.”

Shortly afterwards, the beast retreated back into the forest, much to the dismay of his now 600+ supporters, carrying the corpses of the recently deceased officers as well as a screaming man who was given to him as a sacrifice by the protesters.

“Yeah, I think his name was Kevin,” Bumgartner said about the screaming man, “He initially came to support Bigfoot, but we later got in an argument about abortion. Turns out he didn’t believe that a woman has a right to her own body.”