Sleep situations went awry this weekend when an area woman refused to make the short trip to her bedroom, choosing instead to sleep uncomfortably on her couch.

After a busy work week, local woman Julia Carmeno spent the night out with friends and ended up alone on her couch watching Netflix with a box of Cheez its, a glass of wine, and a nice blanket.

“It was kind of an early night for me, I wanted to catch up on sleep and just wasn’t really in the mood for staying out very late.”

Carmeno went out to dinner to have a few drinks with her friends after she got off work around 6:00pm and got home to relax around 9:00pm. She reports not feeling too tired but that having the apartment to herself and no one to share the couch with made it easy to lay down and get comfortable.

Though it quickly became clear she wasn’t even going to make it through the first 30 minutes of “Clueless” as it played on Netflix, Julia notes settling in to the couches stiff cushions and awkward armrest.

“I should have got my pillow. I tried to kind of work my body around and use the armrest as a pillow but it really never works. My neck was killing me. I turned my face to the back of the couch to try to get more comfortable, I wasn’t really watching the movie any more.”

Carmeno is 5’11” and most would describe her couch as ‘more of a loveseat’.

“My feet kind of barely fit between that little spot between the opposite armrest and the edge of the cushion which I will admit is not the most comfortable position. There was also a bit of a draft coming in through our shoddy apartment windows.”

Carmeno’s apartment, not far from the university campus, is relatively small. A location analysis revealed her living room couch was less than 20 feet from her bed but that distance was just too far to travel at this point she reports.

“I had everything I needed. Cheezits, Wine, Netflix, a blanket. I have a really nice bed and high quality sheets but the couch was really my only option. Getting up and taking the ten second walk to my bed would have been simply not worth it.”

With her bed literally in sight, Carmeno continued to suffer through her neck pains, the cold winter air coming in through the window, and the couch too short for her body. She reports drifting in and out of an uncomfortable sleep for several hours before getting in her bed at 9:00am, an hour before she had to wake up to get breakfast with the same friends.