(PIC) Art Major Can Paint What's on the Outside But Can Never Paint What's on the Inside

BOONE, NC– Following his still-life painting class, art major Christopher Bates gazed at his impeccably detailed Chardonnay bottle with a wedge of cheese on his canvas and realized that he can paint what’s on the outside, but never what’s on the inside. “I’ve always been told I was a good artist, but doesn’t art have to come from the soul? There may be some good-looking brie in this painting, but where the hell am I?” exclaimed Bates in despair, while shedding tears and wiping them onto the canvas, thinking that it could work as some sort of method in his pursuit to become a “true” artist. “Even with what I’m feeling right now, you’d think I’d get some inspiration. But all I can do is look at that blank canvas and think maybe that’s it. Maybe I am just a blank canvas.” At press time, Christopher Bates was last seen next to his empty easel on the floor in a fetal position.