BOONE, NC — Taking a page from local fraternities,  Appalcart officials announced today that, effective immediately, Appalcart will be adopting a strict female-to-male passenger ratio.

“The Appalcart bus service will allow one male passenger for every three female passengers to prevent this vital service to the town of Boone from becoming a total sausage-fest-on-wheels,” Appalcart Director of Transportation Craig Hughs said. “Special allowances will be made for male passengers who can prove they know Brad, have handles on handles, or have access to next-level bud.”

This change has upset male residents of Boone, but female passengers seem to be accepting of the new idea.

“It hasn’t really changed my life that much,” said sophomore Lena Trewitt. “The floor is stickier than usual because of the party juice, and the driver is always blasting Drake, but how else would I get around?”

The new system is by no means perfect. The fraternity brothers hired to bounce the entrances and exits of all Appalcart buses have already encountered troublemakers.

“I asked this one guy who he knew here,” said Delta Omega member Price Gander. “He said he knew Stephanie but Stephanie and her friends already claimed Trent as their plus one. Sucks turning people away but you just GOTTA respect the ratio, man.”

At press time, every Appalcart in town was being chased by hoards of male students and broadcasting “Respect the Ratio” on repeat through loud speakers.