BOONE, NC – It was a frightening scene Friday morning as seasoned AppalCart driver known as “Murphy” was reported to possess a decades-old drivers license after driving the Red Route bus completely off Wilson Drive and crashing with a handful of students and city residents onboard.

“It all happened so quickly,” said passenger Alicia Smith. “Had there not been a couple trees in the way of the bus, who knows how long he would have driven us off-road. The worst part is that he was actually on-time that day.” Moving at approximately 10 mph, the bus collided with a group of oak trees and was immediately rendered immobile.

According to police reports and eyewitness accounts, when asked by officials the 70-year-old driver produced a drivers license that expired in June 1980. The license in question was so tarnished and blurry that police have yet to determine Murphy’s last name or any other personal information. When asked to produce any further form of identification, Murphy stated that his birth certificate was lost sometime after the Vietnam War. Pitted with evident trauma in his blank, war-stricken eyes, Murphy refused to speak on his personal affairs or any other relevant information.

AppalCart officials have yet to make a statement on the incident and it is currently unknown whether they or the passenger’s plan on taking legal actions. However, what can be certain is that AppalCart drivers are to be put under rigorous scrutiny for the foreseeable future. While officials have expressed that the buses are to be on time, there are still serious doubts within the community.

~ Piece contributed by Jake Edmondson ~